Save the date: 4th Kings Day Toy Run 1.6.2018

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Save the date: 4th Kings Day Toy Run 1.6.2018

For three years now, we’ve kept the holiday season alive straight through the traditional “Kings Day”, celebrated as the day when the 3 wise men (kings) bring gifts to children.  Each year we’ve surpassed expectations, delivering more than 700 gifts the first year, then 800 in our 2nd year and nearly 1000 in 2017!  Let’s make sure we top that # in 2018!

Thanks to all who donated toys at the 17th Rocky Point Rally, and we’ll be collecting additional toys through the end of the year!  Make a plan to ride down and join us on January 6th, 2018 for the Kings Day Toy Run.  Join up with local bike clubs in Rocky Point in the Old Part at noon on Saturday, Jan. 6th to ride out to toy distribution spot. Happy Holidays!  Felices Fiestas!

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